Life Insurance

American Insurance Group, LLCoffers access to insurance products from the top "A" rated companies in the industry that provide value and long-term protection for your family. Because term insurance is traditionally the least expensive type of life insurance, it can be an effective product for those who need large amounts of coverage, but have limited budgets, such as young families. We make it simple and convenient for you to obtain coverage. Your personal broker can help you decide what is suitable for you. We also offer a range of life insurance products that may be appropriate for your long-range financial goals. Universal Life insurance provides value and long-term protection for your family. Your personal broker can help you decide what is suitable for you.

What is life insurance?

Life insurance is a contract that provides payment of a death benefit to a designated beneficiary upon the death of the insured. This death benefit provides family members and businesses with the funds needed to help secure their futures in the absence of that income earner or key employee.

Asset accumulation

Cash value life insurance policies offer the ability to accumulate cash values on a tax-deferred basis. Depending on the type of policy, the funds can grow at guaranteed fixed interest rates or at variable rates tied to the performance of selected investments. Assets that accumulate within a life insurance policy may be available to the policy owner during his or her lifetime through policy loans and withdrawals and may also increase the death benefit available to the beneficiary.

Estate planning

The death benefit proceeds of a life insurance policy provide the funds needed to pay estate taxes that may be due upon the death of the insured, thereby preserving the value of the estate that passes to the heirs. Life insurance death benefits may also be received tax-free by the beneficiary, if properly structured further enhancing the value of the estate.


Term life protection

Term life insurance protection that, upon death, helps:


Universal life insurance

Universal Life insurance protection that can help you:

Your personal advisor can help you decide what is suitable for you, and provide details for specific products offered.


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